Preschool Curriculum invites children to explore their world in multiple ways. Sensory stimulation is rich and triggers investigations into themes and topics. Curiosity and interest set the tone for questions and discoveries.
Preschool curriculum at Gurukul emphasizes on developing self help skills, language development, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, cognitive skills, sensory motor skills, imaginary play, aesthetic and creative development.

  • Focus on Learning – Scribbling, Making Music, Fun with Sand, Playing with Blocks, Art and Craft, Singing and Dancing, Playing with Clay, Learning shapes, Learning Colors, Coloring pictures.
  • Focus on Activities – Exercises and Games, Skating, Computers, Story Telling, Around the Kitchen, Around the Garden, Role plays, Puppet Shows, Fun @ Splash Pool, Cooking without Fire, Understanding Nature
  • Outings – Visits to Museums, Parks, Departmental Stores, Fire Station, Post Office.
  • Multimedia based learning – Rhymes, Stories, Identifying Shapes, Farm Animals, Every Day Objects, Foods, Vegetables, Vehicles, Festivals, Introducing new concepts.

Focus on Social Growth – Preschool Curriculum

Large Group Activities like: Assembly, Dance, Mango, Toy Parties, Etc., Celebrating Festivals

Medium Group Activities like: Daily Meals – Introducing Table Manners, Singing with Synthesizer, Birthday Parties – Sharing and Celebrating with peer group

Small Group Activities like: Learning Computers, Skating Lessons, etc.

We work on:


  • Colours and Shapes
  • Environmental studies : Animals, Birds, Transport, Fruits, Vegetables
  • Different Rooms, Musical Instruments etc.
  • The Seasons and Months of the year, etc.
  • Numbers, Letters, Cutting, Sorting, Drawing, Pasting
  • Dance & Music
  • Sharing, Co-operation, Taking turns, Transitioning from One Activity to another
  • Doing Words- Running, Jumping, Skipping, Hopping etc
  • Games and Sports, using Swings Slides and Balls, etc. & much more…!

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